Sep. 20, 2018

Night Of The Running Man Full Movie Torrent

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A Las Vegas cab driver discovers a stolen million dollars, and is tracked by a relentless and cold-blooded assassin sent to retrieve the money.

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original title: Night of the Running Man

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller

imdb: 5.5

duration: 1h 33min

tags: The chase has begun

keywords: murderofanudewoman, femalenudity, nudity, money, stolenmoney, hitman, yellowtaxi, manhunt, coffee, cellphone, telephonecall, train, waitress, diner, trailerhome, bloodyface, blood, femalefullfrontalnu















































A Las Vegas cab driver finds a million dollars of stolen money in his cab after his fare is murdered. Soon after, a ruthless hitman is in pursuit; he will stop at nothing to recover the money and dispose of all witnesses. A Las Vegas cab driver discovers a stolen million dollars, and is tracked by a relentless and cold-blooded assassin sent to retrieve the money. I love B grades, especially ones like this that surprise me, and this is exactly what 'Night Of The Running Man' does, and it doesn't stop for anything. We've got one slick thriller, and Scott Glenn here is bloody scary, an underestimated character of evil, a professional hit-man, void of remorse or emotion (watch one lovemaking scene that sickly shocks). Andrew McCarthy who does well here, plays a loser cab driver, who like he says, gambler that he is, has the worst run of luck possible. Fleeing the scene of a crime, his previous passenger run down, after stealing a suitcase full of money, the kind of moolah that can get you dead (and remember we're in Vegas here) leaves it behind in McCarthy's cab. Here's McCarthy's plan: Take off from Vegas with the money, leaving his little trailer park home, for some greener pasture, but Glenn is hot on his heals, making this a dangerous and scary thriller/adventure. No doubt the trademark scene is the torture one, where John Glover as a sleazy old friend of Glenns, pretty much puts a stop plug on MCcarthy's plans, who gives his feet a bathing that he'll never forget. No surprise, this movie was directed by Mark Lester, who knows how to put magic into movies. NOTRM is pretty much a scene by scene movie, but it has pace, and for the viewer is scary fun, where you wouldn't want be in McCarthy's shoes, where psychopathic hit man Glenn's intensity is the winning formula in making this movie, as thrilling as it is, where it's neatly wraps up. The whole business of the story has a slick and wonderfully nifty feel, and Glenn here, is one of the screen's true evils you'll see in a while. About once a year I check to see if this flick is scheduled for release on DVD. It still isn't (Jan 05).

I only have about 30 titles that I own on DVD, but I would definitely purchase this one. It has some very memorable scenes (yes, some are quite graphic and gruesome, but I wouldn't call it "gratuitous" violence). I'd say it is a decent production in every way, but for some reason it seems to be treated as a very obscure movie.

Actually, I had to go to a movie buff message board to find the title, which I had forgotten. But it didn't take much of a description for a true movie buff to recognize what movie this is!!!


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